Shops hope to post high profits for Small Business Saturday

Saturday marked the day for the second annual "Small Business Saturday" nationwide. Black Friday buzz is over, but shoppers in Greendale were out supporting small businesses, despite the rain.

Kathy Schnagl owns Prescott Miller Jewelers in Greendale. She says small businesses are a critical component of a strong, thriving economy. "Downtown Greendale has a lot of small businesses, and community really relies upon them, and the small businesses rely upon the community to support us.  So, this is really a big deal for us," she says.
Business owner, Diane Chilinski, agrees.   She promoted "Small Business Saturday" on her Facebook page to get the word out, and she posted a sign in the front door of her boutique named "They Grow Like Weeds."  Other business owners advertised as well.

"The way I look at it is that a small business in this economy needs to not only survive, but hopefully, flourish," Chilinski says.

Even though the campaign is only in its second year, business owners say they are optimistic it will gain popularity and attract even more shoppers in the years to come.