Shootings are wake up call for colleges everywhere

MILWAUKEE -- The fatal shooting of an officer that took place at Virginia Tech is a wake up call for schools all over the country.

Officials at Milwaukee area universities say they have plans in place if they have to face dangerous situations like that at Virginia Tech.

UW-Milwaukee has added more police officers. It has nearly 45 sworn, armed officers on duty. The university also stepped up patrols and reached out to the campus community.
UW-Milwaukee students can also sign up for text alerts from the university. If there's a problem at the university, the students will be among the first to know about it.
Concordia University in Mequon has made revisions to its campus security place since the Virginia Tech shootings. The school now has an emergency code color guide. It also utilizes text alerts to notify students.

Concordia officials say they're also working on expanding their public address system so students can hear announcements inside and outside of school buildings.