Shooting leaves a child and an adult in serious condition

MILWAUKEE-- Just after 10 p.m. Friday night, a 12-year-old girl and a 21-year-old man were shot in a house on the 5600 block of North 35th Street near Silver Spring Road.

"I looked out here and the whole street was covered with police cars and fire rescue squads," said neighbor Larry Fairfax on Saturday.

Fairfax lives next door to where the shooting took place. He says he did not hear the shots, but did see the mother of the victims extremely upset.

"She was really upset. She says 'where's my babies? Take me to my babies. Show me where my babies are. I've got to be there with my babies.'"

Leauntea Johnson lives across the street from where the shooting happened and drove up to her house moments after the two people were shot.

"When we pulled up last night, the son was outside on the ground, like in the pathway and the mom was calling for assistance from the police officers. Telling them they need to hurry up," Johnson said.

Fairfax said a police officer told him that the shooting was not a random act. He also said that the neighborhood is generally quiet, until recently.

On Oct. 23 a man was shot outside of his house, which is across the street from the house where Friday's shooting happened.

Now that there have been two shootings in three weeks, Johnson said she's moving her family out of the neighborhood.

"We've been over here for 20 years," Johnson said. "So for this to happen, you know, a second time within a month, it's kind of weird. It's time to go. I fear for my children's safety."

Fairfax says that he is not leaving. But he says that the upturn in violence is very different from before.

"It's like I woke up one morning and I was abducted by aliens that are on a different planet," said Fairfax.

Police only said that both victims underwent surgery and were in serious condition Saturday afternoon.