Sheriff's officials say 32nd wrong-way driver not caught

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Sheriff's officials say the latest wrong-way driving incident occurred near 794 and I-94 in Milwaukee around 2:30 Saturday morning, November 17th.

This is the 32nd wrong-way driving incident in Milwaukee County just this year.

The driver was not caught, and officials believe he exited near Miller Park.

Officials could release video of the incident as early as Monday, November 19th.

Meanwhile, on Friday, crews began installing new technology on exit ramps to deter wrong-way drivers before they get on the freeway.

The technology upgrades will be installed at nine on and off-ramps in Milwaukee County. It will be used to stop wrong-way drivers from getting onto the freeway system, or help get them off the freeway quickly. The technology will also help identify when a driver is going the wrong way, and alert the Sheriff’s Department and DOT so they can respond to the scene quickly. Some ramps will also have flashing LED signs.

On Friday, November 16th, two of the nine locations were outfitted with flashing & LED enhanced signage.  Those locations are at 6th & Kilbourn (downtown) and the northbound exit at Frederick & Miller Park Way.