Sheriff's Office says 41 vehicles involved in I-894/Greenfield pileup

WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- Winter weather caused havoc on the roadways throughout southeastern Wisconsin on Sunday, December 8th -- and I-894 was no exception. A multiple-vehicle wreck on I-894 shut down traffic for hours on Sunday.

Semis, cars and emergency vehicles filled the southbound lanes of I-894 at Greenfield Avenue on Sunday.

Milwaukee County Sheriff's officials say 41 vehicles were involved, and 10 people were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries.

Witnesses told FOX6 News the pileup began about an hour after the snow started to fall.

The wreck was so bad, initial reports described it as a "mass casualty incident."

Emergency personnel braced for as many as 30 crashes and 15 patients.

With the southbound lanes closed, traffic came to a standstill -- with some instructed to drive in the wrong direction, up the off-ramps and away from the wreck.

Adam Kohls saw the wreck and couldn't believe it.

"I saw them backing them up off the ramp.  They had a whole line - doing the whole thing," Kohls said.

The result was even more backups on Greenfield Avenue -- causing some motorists to be delayed for nearly an hour.

"For Wisconsin and West Allis, you`d think people would be a little more aware and more cautious," Kohls said.

West Allis police were out in full force on Sunday, trying to keep drivers safe, and responding to crashes.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office reports no fatalities in this incident on I-894 Sunday.