Sheriff: Pothole on I-894 at 60th Street deflated tires for 6 drivers

MILWAUKEE -- Six drivers had to be towed after a pothole resulted in flat tires on I-894 at 60th Street on Tuesday evening, Dec. 3.

Officials with the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office said it happened around 5:30 p.m.

The pothole was in the right lane at 68th Street, where there is construction.

The right lane was temporarily closed until the Milwaukee County Highway Department came out to fix the pothole.

Again, six vehicles were towed due to flat tires.

Sheriff's officials said crews took out the overpass for 68th Street to rebuild the bridge, and as part of the construction, the lanes shift to the right and the pothole formed in the right lane in what was previously the right distress lane.

The lane was closed for approximately one hour.