Sheboygan police investigate two separate armed robberies

SHEBOYGAN -- Sheboygan police say they have two people in custody in connection with two separate armed robberies that occurred early Thursday morning.

Police say the first robbery took place at the Petro Center on S. Business Drive at 6:45 a.m. The second armed robbery occurred at approximately 7:16 a.m. at Fisher's Food and Liquor near 4454 S. 12th St.

Authorities say a knife was used as a weapon in both robberies. Officials claim that both robberies may have had a female suspect involved.

One of the clerks who say they were robbed at knife point said a man and woman walked in together wearing hooded sweatshirts and acted like customers walking around the store for twenty minutes, even stacking the counter with items. But just when the man appeared like he was going to pay, he took out a knife and put it at the clerk's side.

"When the knife came in and I felt the knife and I was like OK fine let him take the money," said Sandra Ruppel, the clerk at Fischer's.

Ruppel said she felt conflicted and even briefly fought off the robber for a moment.

"I slammed the drawer on him twice trying to stop him for taking it," said Ruppel.

The owner of Fischer's Food and Liquor, Keith Fischer, said one of his regular customers acted as a good Samaritan and chased the two people in question, even getting a good description of the getaway car.