Sheboygan Co. Fair officials on lookout for swine flu

SHEBOYGAN CO. -- The number of reported swine flu cases in Wisconsin is up to 15 as of Friday, August 31st. State officials say people who got sick had been around pigs at fairs.

The Sheboygan County Fair has veterinarians monitoring the animals.

"We are obviously aware of the swine flu situation. We are keeping a close eye in the pigs. We are really doing the same things we've done for many years at the fair with our surveillance we have," Dr. Chris Booth said.

Officials say N3N2v (swine flu) is a strain of Influenza A that normally circulates among pigs. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services says cases occurred in individuals who were exposed to or in proximity to pigs at fairs.

Officials say the animals at the Sheboygan County Fair are healthy. Still, fair officials are taking extra precautions and watching for symptoms in the pigs.

"We are looking for general things. They may seem sleepier, more depressed than normal -- kind of like normal symptoms of people when they have the flu," Dr. Booth said.

Officials posted signs urging people to wash their hands after leaving the animal barn.  Hand-washing stations are set up for the public. 

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