'She was born to heaven:' Family that welcomed stillborn baby girl builds beds for children in need

KENOSHA -- A group of roughly 40 people, led by parents who experienced unimaginable loss, teamed up on Sunday, Nov. 17 to help build beds for the 247 children in need in Kenosha and Racine counties -- an effort to bring that number to zero.

There are countless reasons why people should help a child who doesn't a bed of their own.

"People build beds a lot because they love kids," said Michael Prudhom. "Their heart is in making sure kids have a good start in life."

On Sunday, inside a Kenosha workshop, the group of about 40 people worked to help eliminate the demand.

"Any kid between the ages of 3 and 17 who is not sleeping in a proper bed of their own, we will supply a bed to," said Prudhom.

Volunteers with "Sleep in Heavenly Peace" took part in a build Sunday in support of a special couple.

"On September 14th of this year, we gave birth to a stillborn, Emmie Livingston," said Leah Livingston.

Jake and Leah Livingston

Jake and Leah Livingston's daughter was never able to climb into her own bed.

"She was born to heaven, and we let her go there, and she's watching over us now," said Jake Livingston.

It was the heavy grief that can only come from the loss of a child that led the family to this workshop.

"It just felt right," said Leah Livingston. "There was just something inside of us that said, 'We're in an unfortunate situation, but we can do something to help. We can turn some of this darkness into light.'"

They worked through their emotions as they moved through the building of a bed.

"It really puts things into perspective, what life is really all about," said Jake Livingston.

The Livingstons, along with family and friends, worked together to make sure dozens of children don't have to go without.

"It's a blessing that we're able to do this for people today," said Leah Livingston.

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