"She was a hero" Young mother dies after rescuing two of her three sons from fire

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. - 25-year-old Donna Burrell has died from injuries she sustained while trying to save her sons from their burning apartment this week.

Four-year-old Zeus Moore was eventually rescued by firefighters, but was pronounced dead at the hospital on Monday.

His mother, Donna, was critically injured while trying to rescue Zeus and her two infant sons.

She managed to save the lives of 18-month-old Tee'Shawn Harding and 8-month-old Deon Harding.

Donna fought for life here at Integris Baptist hospital for two days following the fire.

According to the family, she died Wednesday evening.

Her family remembers her huge smile, her larger than life sense humor and her fierce love for her four sons.

"She was a hero. She was more than I hoped for her to be," said Donna's mother, Katrina Burrell. "I can't express my loss. A mother should never bury her child or her grandchild."

Donna will be buried with the son she lost.

Her family is not surprised she died trying to save him.

"Those two were just alike, her and Zeus. I mean identical - smiling, joyful, happy," said Donna's sister, Adrina Wann. "People said they tried to stop her from going back in. That was their biggest mistake."

Donna ran into her burning apartment to save 4-year-old Zeus.

Firefighters got him out but not in time.

When the fire sparked, Donna's fiance, Phillip Harding, was on his way home.

Phillip is now raising their two sons without their mom.

"She was my world," Phillip said of his fiance. "I feel real lucky that she got these two out. I just wish they all could have gotten out."

Their house and their lives crowded with a large and loving family, they are drawing on strength from each other as they sort through the details about the fire, rescue and their loss.

"There is comfort knowing they are with God," Katrina said.

Donna was an organ donor.

Her family said she might save six more lives by the donation of her organs.

They are planning a joint memorial service for Zeus and Donna at Greater Deliverance Church of God in Oklahoma City.

If you would like to donate to help the Burrell/Harding family, you can donate to their GoFundMe page.