She raised how much selling lemonade? How one 8-year-old spent her birthday giving back

WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- Outside the Pick N' Save in West Allis on Saturday, September 6th a little girl hosted a lemonade stand -- with one very special cause.

Rose Rios hosted the lemonade stand to help raise money for Children's Hospital -- also celebrating her 8th birthday!

"I was really happy, I was like, I can finally do something that is kind, and I can feel good about it! I'm like oh my gosh," said Rose.

Lemonade was not the only thing Rose sold at her stand, cupcakes and ice cold water were also available.

She wanted to hold the sale during the summer, but didn't have time, so she decided to do it for her birthday.

"I really want to thank Pick N' Save, I'm really grateful because this is gonna lead me to a great place in my life, it really is," Rose said.

Rose raised $684 today selling cupcakes and lemonade. She says she would love to come out and do it again.