She purchased a tablet from Kmart for her son; Mother appalled by what popped up on the screen

NORTH CAROLINA (WITI) -- A North Carolina mother is outraged -- claiming child pornography popped up on a new electronic tablet she purchased for her son from Kmart.

According to WSOC, Lisa Escobar said the graphic images popped up on her son's tablet while he was watching a movie -- just hours after she gave the tablet to her son. It was supposed to be a gift for the eight-year-old boy, for getting good grades in school, but it's turned into a nightmare.

Escobar says she took the tablet back to Kmart the next day -- and employees there referred her to police.

Police say they are in the process of determining whether it was child pornography. They say tech experts will attempt to trace the IP address to the person who downloaded the pornography onto the tablet.

Police admit this could be a difficult task -- considering the number of people who had access to the tablet prior to Escobar's purchase.

The maker of the Trio tablet, Mach Speed Technologies, sent WSOC a statement that read, “We were notified this morning of the alleged incident with one of our Trio Tablets. We never have had such a thing happen with one of our products. We certainly understand the inappropriateness of the allegations and plan to investigate fully. We will work with law enforcement and its partners to determine exactly what happened.”

Kmart issued the following statement: “We take this matter very seriously and are conducting our own investigation.”

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