'She is totally loyal:' Long-time McDonald's employee celebrates 90th birthday

WAUKESHA -- For most of us, when we retire, we hope to stop working and start relaxing. But not Verna Bauer, who, despite being retired for nearly 30 years, has been working part-time at McDonald's in Waukesha.  This week, she turns 90 and was met with a big surprise.

Verna Bauer

"She's a loyal employee, and she's 90 years old," said Dion Conn, McDonald's owner.

But Verna Bauer doesn't show it -- because nothing gets in her way!

"She retired when she was 68 years old, from a long career. And so then it was time to start another one," said Conn.

A reliable food runner at this Waukesha McDonald's for more than 20 years, her work ethic has become the gold standard.

"She is totally loyal, she's always here. I don't remember, she may have called in sick, but I don't remember when she has. She has a great attitude, and she wants to do, she wants to do everything," said Conn.

Even as her birthday cake takes her by surprise, she begins doing what she does best, talking to people.

"If they want to talk baseball, can do that, and if they want to talk gambling, can do that too," said Verna Bauer.

A birthday card packed with $90 was gifted to her. A welcomed present for the woman who likes to hit the casinos from time to time.

As the cake disappears, the line at the counter grows. It's time punch-in.

Bauer asked FOX6 News, on her behalf, to say thank you to everyone who wished her a happy birthday this week. She appreciates those who took the time to celebrate her -- and who made this day so special.