Several people in small town in North Carolina claiming to have seen 'Bigfoot:' "Never seen anything like that"

LITTLETON, North Carolina -- Several people in the small North Carolina town of Littleton are claiming to have seen what some are calling “Bigfoot.”

WNCN reported that multiple residents in the Halifax County town of Littleton have seen a “large, furry looking animal” in the woods.

“It was very large, and its hair was super long and it was running so fast. That’s not a bear -- and it wasn’t like a coyote. I’ve never seen anything like that whatsoever," Tifanie Merrill told WNCN.

Stephen Barcelo calls himself a "cryptozoologist." He said he investigates creatures whose existence has not been proven due to lack of evidence.

Barcelo claims several other people in the town have had sightings, but they don’t want to come forward due to fear that they’ll be ridiculed.

Barcelo also claims to have found an “abnormal footprint” at Medoc Mountain State Park that he cast and showed to park rangers. He said nobody knew what it was.

The unidentifiable footprint is now on display in the "Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum," which Barcelo created in his home in Littleton, according to WNCN.