Set to stand trial in 2013 stalking case, 44-year-old man reaches plea deal and is convicted

RACINE COUNTY -- He was set to stand trial in a 2013 stalking case out of Racine County, but on Monday, June 1st, a plea deal was reached.

44-year-old William Crockett faced a total of seven charges in the case -- three felonies and four misdemeanors. He has now pleaded no contest to five of those charges, and two were dismissed.

Crockett was convicted of four counts of computer message - threaten/obscenity and one count of stalking.

According to the criminal complaint, Crockett caused his victims to “suffer emotional distress or placed them in reasonable fear of bodily injury or death to themselves or a member of their family.”

In one case, the victim said he received a text from Crockett and thought it was her brother — but soon realized it was not. The victim told police Crockett wouldn’t stop texting her and began to threaten her — telling her he would break into her house, rape her, impregnate her, hunt her and kill her.

The victim told police it seemed Crockett knew her daily routine and during winter, she saw footprints in the snow around her vehicle and house. She said “she would place a 2×4 in front of her back door for extra security” and was sleeping with a gun next to her bed.

Crockett will be sentenced on August 17th.