Sentenced: Reinaldo Acosta, accused of impersonating a peace officer, will serve time in prison

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- 54-year-old Reinaldo Acosta of Milwaukee, who pleaded guilty to two felony counts of impersonating a peace officer to aid in commission of a crime, has been sentenced in a case dating back to 2013.

In court on Monday, July 6th, Acosta was sentenced to serve three years in prison and three years of extended supervision on each of the charges. These sentences are to be served consecutively, so Acosta will serve a total of six years in prison, and six years extended supervision.

Additionally, Acosta has been ordered to pay $700 in restitution in this case. Possible additional restitution will be determined during a restitution hearing on September 4th.

According to the criminal complaint against Acosta, he identified himself to his victims as "Federal Police, Secret Immigration Police." The complaint says Acosta approached one victim wearing a suit -- and asked for an identification card. Acosta apparently told the victim that acquaintances had accused him of "selling drugs and that he was there to investigate."

The complaint indicates Acosta then demanded the victim show a paycheck stub and later cash the actual paycheck.
Acosta then drove the victim to the Police Administration Building in Milwaukee. The complaint says "once they entered the lobby, the defendant told (the victim) he would need $300 to pay a fine." The complaint says after going upstairs and passing through metal detectors, they went to a different area where Acosta told the victim "that he would need another $400."

Acosta also allegedly threatened the victim by stating, "I can take your children and give them to the City, and I can find you wherever you are."

On the very next day, the complaint says Acosta returned to see the victim again. The victim asked for Acosta's name and badge first -- which is when Acosta fled.

The second charge of impersonating a peace officer was filed against Acosta for similar circumstances.