Senate candidates Tommy Thompson, Tammy Baldwin campaign in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- With a little over a month to go before voters head to the polls, Wisconsin's U.S. Senate candidates -- Democrat Tammy Baldwin and Republican Tommy Thompson campaigned in Milwaukee Tuesday, October 2nd, trying to persuade the remaining undecided voters. The economy was a big topic for both candidates Tuesday, though among different audiences.

The election is five weeks away, and the race for Wisconsin's open U.S. Senate seat is now about convincing the undecided voters.

Thompson attended a rally in Milwaukee Tuesday -- touting his economic record as Wisconsin's governor.

"We created an economy that was on fire, ladies and gentlemen -- and that's what's got to take place," Thompson told the crowd.

Meanwhile, at Milwaukee Area Technical College Tuesday, Baldwin hosted a roundtable discussion with students about making quality education affordable through Pell Grants and federal student loans.

"My opponent, Tommy is embracing the Ryan plan of tax cuts for the very wealthiest, raising middle class tax cuts according to the Tax Policy Center and slashing all the investments we've been talking about this afternoon at MATC," Baldwin said.

A Thompson staff member told reporters the former governor would not take questions from the media Tuesday, but Thompson told the rally he is running for U.S. Senate because he sees an assault on the "American Dream."

"All we can say to our children is 'you're going to inherit our debt.' I think that's unconscionable, and that's why I'm running for the United States Senate," Thompson said.

Baldwin said she's confident following the Friday's first debate in the race.

"People saw the clear choice -- the real choice that confronts them. It's a fighter like me that's been fighting for them," Baldwin said.

Tuesday, the Thompson campaign announced Wisconsin Congressman and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will host a fundraiser for Thompson coming up on October 14th.