Senate candidates Neumann, Baldwin speak Monday

WAUKESHA -- Mark Neumann, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate is calling for three major policy changes in Washington, D.C. Neumann held a press conference in Waukesha Monday, April 9th.

Neumann said he'd like to see term limits for all elected positions. Secondly, he wants a law that would require that any piece of legislation and any executive order would also specifically spell out where it is in the Constitution that they get the power to do that. Also, Neumann would like to see any former politicians lose their tax-funded pensions if they later become lobbyists.

"Today, the way its set up is that the taxpayers really supplement the lobbysists income by providing them with pensions and other benefits from the federal government, and the facts are those relationships are turned into millions of dollars," Neumann said.

Neumann also got endorsements Monday from two Republican state Assembly members - Jeremy Thiesfeldt of Fond du Lac and David Craig of Big Bend.

Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Tammy Baldwin spoke at Marquette University Monday. She was the guest for their "On The Issues" series.

Baldwin spoke about such things as the budget, Medicare and tax reforms. One thing she is calling for is a vote on her proposed "Buffett Rule," calling for any person who makes over $1 million a year to pay a 30 percent tax rate.

"I'm calling for an up or down vote in the House. It looks like there is going to be an up or down vote in the Senate in the weeks to come, and I think we ought to do the same in the House. I think there's every reason, especially if you are going after a loophole etc., that there could be bipartisan support for this and fair is fair," Baldwin said.

Tammy Baldwin is the lone Democrat running for the U.S. Senate seat.

Neumann is facing three other Republicans in the race for Senate, including Tommy Thompson, businessman Eric Hovde and State Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald.