Sen. Van Wanggaard target of recall in Racine

Republican State Senator Van Wanggaard is the target of a recall drive in his Racine district. The district is traditionally a 50-50 battleground. But Sen. Wanggaard's vote on the budget repair bill made him a target.

Sen. Wanggaard is only one year into a four-year term. "I've worked to be bipartisan and work on issues that are going to serve both sides of the aisle because I think that's our job," said Wanggaard.

Democrats are attempting to force recall elections in at least three districts. They hope to flip the balance of power in the state Senate. "We legislate. Legislation is the art of compromise; getting people together to draw people to the center."

But the senator's opponents do not see it that way. "I think he wants it both ways. I really think he wants people to think he's a bipartisan legislator. And then he goes and backs Governor Walker," said Brad Wojciechowski, communications director for the state Senate Democrats.

In addition to Wanggaard, Democrats are attempting to force recall elections of two other state senators.

There is a fourth effort to get Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald recalled. But that's an individual and not a coordinated effort.