Sen. Tammy Baldwin meets in Milwaukee to discuss Pres. Trump's ACA lawsuit

Tammy Baldwin rally in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Ahead of President Donald Trump's visit to Green Bay Saturday, April 27, Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin met with constituents to discuss President Trump's lawsuit to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Sen. Baldwin says the repeal would wipe away health care protections for more than two million residents in the state with preexisting conditions.

"I think he needs to be held accountable for the position he's taking on this," Sen. Baldwin said. "There's a very high profile fight in the Congress to save the Affordable Care Act, however, the public I don't think is as aware that the Trump administration is now trying to overturn it in court and undermine the affordable care act in other ways."

Senator Baldwin has introduced a Senate resolution that calls on the Trump administration to reserve its position.

Tammy Baldwin rally in Milwaukee