"Selling out of snow blowers!" Folks flock to hardware stores for last-minute snowstorm supplies

MILWAUKEE -- It was a race against the clock for a lot of people buying everything they need for the incoming snowfall Saturday, December 10th. 

As the first major snowfall of the season inched closer and closer, customers at Ace Hardware on Lisbon Avenue rushed to get their last-minute supplies. Some vowing to never underestimate Mother Nature again.

"Last year I got caught off-guard. Today is the best days to get a snow shovel because I know what's about to happen within a couple hours," said Greg Hoskins.

Owner Anthony LeDonne, tells FOX6 News preparations for winter products start as early as March. In the last 48 hours, supplies has been flying off the shelves. 

"Selling out of snow blowers, selling low on shovels and salt. We still got it, we're not running out but snow blowers are a little tight," said LeDonne. 

Snow blower repairs are also in high demand.

"I needed to get my snow blower fixed. I had to have him help me out. I wanted to get it done before the first snowstorm tonight," said Chris Sgarlata.

LeDonne says some of the most common questions he gets from customers are about snow blowers, the right salt applications and the best shovels. New to the market is a shovel with an extra handle to avoid back injury. 

"It's designed for the way you lift so when you shovel and lift you don't hurt your back," said LeDonne. 

After 40 years in the business, his advice to surviving snow troubles is simple:

Anthony LeDonne

"Make sure to keep fresh gas in the blowers and to shovel often so they're ain't a lot to shovel and then when doing the salt in the end don't put a lot just put enough to melt it and shovel it up in the end," said LeDonne.

The hardware store is not running out of product anytime  soon. They have another shipping of product on the way and when supplies is low they can swap product with a nearby store to make sure customers have what they need this winter season.