Seeking change: Milwaukee's high crime statistics has city leaders looking for answers

MILWAUKEE -- As the number of homicides in Milwaukee soars, city leaders are trying to get to the root of the causes in an effort to curb violence. The Public Safety Committee was presented with some shocking statistics about overall crime in our area.

The growing violence in Milwaukee is actually a national problem. Earlier this week, the Public Safety Committee called a special meeting which took about 4 1/2 hours. Nine different agencies talked about the possible causes, challenges and solutions.

"We have looked a holistic view of crime," said Milwaukee Alderman Terry Witkowski.

The Public Safety committee looked at crime in general and ways to improve conditions for people.

"We wanted the agencies present to think about what they are presently doing. What are they doing well and evaluate what they are doing and see if there is a different way to attack the problem," said Witkowski.

New statistics find the number of homicides in Milwaukee are up 11 percent compared to last year, the majority of them in District 7, 5 and 3.

Police say they're making arrests -- but then a different challenge comes up.

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