Seeking a 'cat whisperer:' Get paid to live in a tiny home on a Greek island, taking care of dozens of cats

SYROS, Greece -- A cat rescue in Greece is hiring -- seeking an employee who is willing to live on the Greek island of Syros and care for 55 cats.

It's a part-time, paid position, and you'll work for about four hours a day, with your living arrangements paid for.

According to a job description posted on the Facebook page for God's Little People Cat Rescue, the perfect employee for this position is someone who is "a genuinely passionate cat lover who knows how to handle many cats, and would love their company."

You'll be responsible for caring for, feeding and medicating 55 cats -- and the post notes that being a trained veterinary nurse is a bonus. You will be responsible for taking the cats to the vet in case of illness and you'll need to be able to drive a manual car.

You will live in a tiny house -- paid for, with water and electricity included -- featuring a "direct view of the Aegean Sea," and you'll also earn a salary.

All expenses for the cats will also be paid for.

Officials said this job is most suited for someone 45+ years of age, who’s responsible, reliable, honest, practically inclined - and really, with a heart of gold, who is willing to shower these cats with love and attention.

Rescue officials said knowing something about a cat's psychology and "cat whispering" skills are a bonus.

The job involves a minimum six-month committment but is long-term. You'll be volunteering for the first two to four months, and then the paid job starts Nov. 1.

If you are interested, you're asked to send your application with a photo and relevant information to

The post notes that they will look through applications and do Skype calls with the most suitable candidates at the end of August.