See it: Passengers go wild when WestJet flight attendant performs sassy safety demo

LAS VEGAS -- Nervous about flying? WestJet flight attendant Michael McAdam is here to calm your nerves and prepare you for a sassy take-off!

A new, hilarious Facebook video shows McAdam going through the usual safety routine with some added flair. He doesn't speak, but McAdam's entertaining gestures while showing the seat belt, safety booklet, and flotation device walk through will have you cracking up.

Flight passengers can be heard in the video giggling while McAdam completes his performance.

After the wild demonstration, the passengers cheer and the flight attendant takes a bow.

The video was posted to Facebook by TM's Veterinary Clinic, with a caption reading:

"Flying home from the fabulous TPLO conference...We had the best flight crew on West Jet. Laughed so hard. Only had a chance to video the French portion of the pre flight instructions! Enjoy, we certainly did!"

Check out the video here: