Security guard sexually battered 15-year-old at Florida movie theater: Police

A security guard at an Ocala movie theater was arrested for reportedly raping a 15-year-old teen who was waiting to be picked up by a family member, police said.

On Jan 14, the teen said she went to the Hollywood 16 movie theater at 2801 SW 27th Ave with her friends to watch a movie after being dropped off by her mom. When the movie ended, the grandfather of one of the teen's friends arrived to pick up the group, but refused to give the girl a ride home, police said. 

The teen said she tried to call her mom several times, but couldn't get a hold of her. A security guard at the theater, later identified as 31-year-old Augusta Williams, told the friend's grandfather he'd watch over the teen until she could get a ride home, police said. 

Williams reportedly led the teen to an empty theater room, took her behind the curtains, and raped her, according to police. The teen said she thought Williams was leading her to a backdoor exit and assumed he would drive her home. 

Williams reportedly threatened the teen not to tell anyone. 

Police said the teen was then picked up by her mother, whose phone was not working properly at the time. She said she was concerned for her daughter when she did not come home when expected, and so she drove to the theater. The teen told her mom about the incident the next day. 

When interviewed by police, Williams said he assisted the teen with looking for her lost cell phone, but police said the theater the two went into was not the one the teen was previously in. 

Security footage also showed Williams and the teen walking together through the movie theater hallways and into the empty theater. 

In a statement to FOX 35 news, a Regal Cinema spokesperson said, "Regarding the incident at our Hollywood – Ocala theatre over the weekend, we are currently working with authorities regarding the investigation. Our primary concern is for the safety of our guests and staff."

Williams was arrested on charges of sexual battery of a victim less than 18 years old and was booked into the Marion County Jail.