Second sheriff's squad struck on freeway over weekend

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County Sheriff's deputy was hurt at a crash scene early Sunday morning when her stopped squad was struck by another vehicle traveling southbound on I-94/43 at the Plainfield curve.

The initial crash occurred at 12:30 a.m. Witnesses said a car was traveling at excessive speed, spun out and hit the wall twice. The 22-year-old Illinois driver was drunk and suffered minor injuries. Deputies found marijuana in his vehicle.

Deputies set up flares and positioned squads near the overturned barrier wall and crashed
vehicle. A 44-year-old woman then struck the stopped squad and was cited for failure to move over, inattentive driving and no insurance. Milwaukee police investigated the squad

This was the second squad struck by a vehicle on the freeway over the weekend. At 2:15
a.m. Saturday, an SUV spun out of control toward three deputies and two civilians standing behind a squad at a crash scene. The vehicle crashed into the squad just as they cleared the wall.