SeaWorld ditches plastic bags, straws, lids

ORLANDO, Fla. -- SeaWorld is taking steps to keep marine life safe.

"We've decided to no longer use single day-use plastic bags," said Jon Peterson, SeaWorld rescue operations manager.

Cloth bags are now king at SeaWorld. If you don't feel like buying one...

"We're going to go to a paper bag. It's very simple," said Peterson.

Same goes at the concession stand -- no more plastic straws, not even plastic lids on the cups.

"This is a very common thing that we deal with in rescue, day in and day out," said Peterson.

Recently, Collin the sea turtle required emergency surgery because of plastic blocking his belly.

"For a company that says, 'we're about the environment and that's what we do day in and day out,' this is a very simple answer," said Peterson.

They'll now have paper straws on request as well, but officials said there's so much plastic already polluting the water, they don't want it in theirs.

The policy is now in place at all of SeaWorld's properties, not just the Orlando park.