'Scary situation:' Plea for help after fire guts pastor's home on Milwaukee's north side

Licia Beard

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee pastor who takes care of her three disabled relatives lost her home to a fast-moving fire. It happened last week near 1st and Ring in Milwaukee's Harambee neighborhood.

"It makes me sad. This is the family home," said Qualaundra Carr. "The grandmother's house is where everyone goes or if they need shelter to get shelter."

That home is now blackened and boarded up after a fire.

House fire at 1st and Ring, Milwaukee

House fire at 1st and Ring, Milwaukee

"I'm just sad. I'm a person who keeps my yard up," said Licia Beard.

Flames broke out Beard's home the day before Thanksgiving. The fire was so intense, it melted the siding off the home next door.

"It was a very scary situation," Beard said.

House fire at 1st and Ring, Milwaukee

Eight people lived in the home -- including Beard's son and grandchildren -- all three live with disabilities.

House fire at 1st and Ring, Milwaukee

"My biggest concern is the children -- getting them clothes and sheltered," Beard said.

For the pastor, the last few days have been heartbreaking.

"Uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable," Beard said.

Beard and her family are working to raise $11,000. They say the money would be used to help repair and rebuild the house. Qualaundra Carr is her daughter.

"I'm asking the community to pull together -- to help her build her home back," Carr said.

Qualaundra Carr

It's a plea to the public during a test of faith for a Milwaukee family.

"She always has been there to uplift peoples' spirits. Now, it's time for somebody to be strong for her," Carr said.

One of Beard's daughters had to jump from the second story to escape and fractured her back in four places. The family said there were no other injuries. They are working to figure out how exactly the fire started.

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