Scary! Reporter, photographer in Indiana carjacked at gunpoint; marked news vehicle stolen

INDIANA (WITI) -- A scary situation for an Indiana news crew after they were approached by a gunman and their news vehicle was carjacked!

FOX59 in Indiana says everyone is safe after the incident that occurred on Tuesday night, October 14th.

FOX59 says a reporter and photographer were carjacked at gunpoint after covering a story about a prayer vigil on the east side of Indianapolis.

“Our first instinct was to go back and help her, but we didn’t want to be exposed to any possible dangers ourselves, because maybe that could’ve been a lure to get some of the family to come and save her,” Jacqueline Beasley, mother of murder victim Dominic Amey, Jr. told FOX59.

The marked, stolen FOX59 vehicle was located shortly after the incident. FOX59 reports evidence was recovered from the vehicle -- including a BB gun that resembled a .45 pistol.

The sister of Amey, whose body was found on an abandoned property last week, said the carjacking and robbery of the news crew is an example of the crime residents face on a regular basis.

“It tells us that we’re not the only ones going through it. That the neighbors in the community, that the neighbors that live over there, they’re going through it day by day. They have to look over their shoulder and look out for their kids or their loved ones and try to protect themselves to make sure it doesn’t happen to them and no one should ever have to live that way. No one should ever have to look over their shoulder and watch their back," Damicka Beasley said.

“I feel like it was the same perpetrator that did this to my son that also done this to you guys and he was trying to send a subliminal message and using that as a scare tactic, but we’re not scared. No one’s scared," Amey's mother Jacqueline Beasley said.

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