Scary moments after monster truck loses control, crashes into crowd

EUGENE, Oregon (CNN) -- It was a scary moment for some monster truck fans when a driver lost control and crashed into the crowd! It happened Saturday, September 1st during the "Monster Air 2012" show in Harrisburg, Oregon.

"His hydraulic steering broke and the truck veered right, hard right, and he had no control at that point," Event Director Daniel Mills said.

Mills said luckily, it didn't turn out nearly as bad as some feared.

Mills said a berm, or raised dirt barrier is taller than most berms and helped protect the crowd. Even though event organizers thought they had taken the necessary steps to protect spectators, Mills and his staff are learning from Saturday's incident.

"We did everything we could, that we thought was possible, to keep everybody safe here and we're not going to stop. We're going to keep adding to it, and we learned something. Sometimes you only learn when you see it happen," Mills said.

Some of the fans who witnessed the accident still decided to come out to the event hte next day.

"I was excited either way. I just decided that I'd probably sit a little bit further away and still enjoy it," one spectator said.

"We see people up close and you're always thinking what if, so we don't sit close for that reason, but with the little ones we can't move quite as fast," one picture said.

Three people were hurt in Saturday's accident.

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