Scammer using FOX6 name to try to sell advertising

MILWAUKEE -- A local restaurant said it was scammed by someone pretending to represent FOX6. The owners of Muzak's Delight, located at 2721 N. Blaine Pl. in Milwaukee, said a man identifying himself as Douglas Bryant sold them $280.00 in advertising by pretending to work for the FOX6.

Muzak's Delight restaurant is just trying to get by, pushing out homemade pizza and other foods. Owners say they even need cell phone sales on the side to stay afloat. "We're a Cricket sub-dealer. We take payments for different cell phone companies," Jody Combs, who helps run Muzak's said.

With times so tough for many small businesses, what Muzak's is calling a scam, really stings. Combs says in December, a man came into the restaurant and wanted to advertise. The man identified himself as Douglas Bryant, and pretended to be affiliated with FOX6 News. "He sounded very legitimate," Jody Combs, who helps run Muzak's said.  "He sounded like he knew what he was doing."

Combs said Bryant promised an ad on the digital billboard at North Avenue and Oakland Avenue, radio ads on 102.5 FM, and a door-to-door flyer campaign. "After two payments, a week apart from one another, we never heard from him again," Combs said.

102.5 in Milwaukee is no longer broadcasting, and Combs found out Bryant only honored the billboard and she couldn't get ahold of him. Combs looked up his record and found a long list of offenses. Obviously, he's been doing this for awhile. I just don`t want other small businesses to be taken advantage of," Combs said.

FOX6 News does not want you to be ripped-off either.  CLICK HERE for a link to our FOX6 Sales Team. A legitimate FOX6 representative will have an email address with a legitimate email extension, and call from a local 414 area code.

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