'Save the animals:' Local artist helping animals impacted by wildfires in Australia

MENOMONEE FALLS -- Hundreds of millions of animals have been impacted by the wildfires in Australia. A local artist saw the devastating photos and decided to help. For Heidi Mass, her studio in Menomonee Falls is a place to escape.

Heidi Mass

"I really like a lot of paint and a lot of artist's hand in the painting," said Heidi Mass.

When she has something on her mind -- she picks up a paintbrush -- and there was something in the news she couldn't stop thinking about.

"We traveled to Australia in 2018, and we fell in love with these animals. They were beautiful in their habitat. We held the koalas," said Mass. "When this horrific wildfire started, and then it just escalated. Your heart breaks, and you want to help them in any way you can, so I started painting these animals. That's the best way I know how to do," said Mass.

Mass started painting koalas, wombats, and other Australian animals she's hoping to sell as a fundraiser. She's already sold 20.

"I have a lot to do, so I have to keep going," said Mass.

Each painting takes her around five hours to complete -- and she's giving 100 percent of the proceeds to WIRES-- Australia's biggest rescue organization.

"I really hope it's going to save the animals," said Mass.

Each painting costs $100. Her goal is to sell 100 paintings to raise $10,000.

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