Save a life while lounging during Pre-game Platelet Sundays

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- We often talk about the importance of donating blood itself, but something in your blood is also in great demand. They're called platelets, and the BloodCenter of Wisconsin is hoping its Packers promotion will encourage you to share some of yours.

It's a great way to give.

"I am lounging! This is the best relaxation I'm gonna have all day, right here! Blanket, television, headphones, magazines, I'm good to go," said Pam Arbeiter, platelet donor.

It was a Pre-game Platelet Sunday at Wauwautosa's BloodCenter of Wisconsin. In return for donating, they received some green and gold!

"As our gratitude, we're giving away this lovely Packers blanket," said Fay Spano.

Faye Spano, from the BloodCenter of Wisconsin, explains why these donations are so critical on this day.

"Pre-game Platelet Sundays is really our effort to raise awareness about the critical need for platelet donations. Platelets are really special, they are only usable for five days after donation. So this week is very critical for patients awaiting medical procedures," said Spano.

Michael Linscott is a regular blood and platelet donor, having donated platelets some 500 times. Linscott says he began donating more than two decades ago when his brother began treatment for cancer, and Michael realized they impact he could make.

"It takes more than just the hospital to get people better. You need the people on the outside to help get them there," said Linscott.

Thanks to the donors, they are on their way.

You are able to donate once every two weeks. For more information on the Pre-game Platelet Sundays promotion, CLICK HERE.