San Francisco bus driver allegedly attacked with bat after asking passengers to wear face masks

SAN FRANCISCO -- A San Francisco bus driver was allegedly beaten with a bat after asking three passengers to wear a mask, authorities said.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, on Wednesday around 3:30 p.m. officers were called to 11th and Division streets regarding an assault on a bus.

The driver told police three men had boarded the bus without wearing masks. He advised them multiple times to put on a mask, but they refused, authorities said. Under San Francisco's public health order, all residents are required to wear face coverings out in public and while riding public transportation.

Police said the driver pulled the bus over to escort the suspects off. As the driver was escorting them off, one of the suspects allegedly pulled out a wooden bat and struck the driver several times.

Muni -- San Francisco's transportation service -- employees and a representative with Transport Workers Union Local 250A told KTVU the driver was spat on after being verbally assaulted and was struck with a miniature souvenir baseball bat. They said the victim suffered a fractured finger and that he was shaken from the incident and recovering at home.

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