Salvation Army wraps up its holiday fundraising drive

The Salvation Army wrapped up its holiday fundraising drive, but came up just short of its goal. However, the donations are still coming in. They may be late, but donors are rushing to get their contributions in before the end of the year.

The charity's goal of $2.7 million came up just a tad bit short. Major Robert Thomson from the Salvation Army isn't too worried. He expects contributions from some people to come on December 31st.

"They're sitting down and already beginning to think about tax day," Thomson says. "That's still a few months away, but certainly what we do know will have the impact of what will take place."

Thomson says many of the late donors are contributing for tax purposes. Even if you can't make the 2011 deadline, keep in mind, they provide receipts as proof for next years tax write offs.

One of the places that benefits from the donations is the Salvation Army Emergency Shelter in Milwaukee. Money is used for not only clothing and toys, but a variety of other services as well. For example, the free medical clinic for people who don't have insurance or for people who walk up every day looking for food.