Salvation Army reaching out to homeless as temps plummet

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The sun Monday did little to temper the relentless and brutal cold -- and it was expected to get worse on Tuesday. A Wind Chill Warning is in effect until noon Tuesday, and FOX6 Chief Meteorologist Vince Condella says we could see wind and cold that will drop wind chills as low as -45 Tuesday. The bitter cold is creating a concern for Milwaukee's homeless -- and FOX6 News went out with a Salvation Army crew -- looking to get the homeless to shelter.

Rodney Frostman was among dozens seeking shelter from the cold at the Salvation Army's Emergency Lodge in the 1700 block of N. 7th Street.

The Emergency Lodge is a 120-bed facility that provides temporary shelter, meals and case management for homeless adults and families. Social workers provide case management services that will help alleviate factors that cause homelessness. The goal is to return individuals to appropriate housing in the community.

"When you're out in the weather like this, you better bundle up and stay warm somehow, because otherwise you're not going to live through nights like this," Frostman said.

Frostman says he was hit by a car about eight months ago. The injury landed him in a wheelchair and finding a place to stay proved difficult. He says the Salvation Army's Emergency Lodge likely saved his life.

"Cops have tried to help me before but couldn't get me into a shelter because I'm in a wheelchair," Frostman said.

Officials with the Salvation Army say they hope to work more closely with the Milwaukee Police Department's Homeless Outreach Team.

Earlier this month, FOX6 News rode along with an officer checking up on the city's most vulnerable in the bitter cold. Their mission is to get the homeless out of the cold and the Salvation Army wants to help house them.

Frostman says the Salvation Army's Emergency Lodge is built to accommodate his needs -- as he has a wheelchair.

"It is very cold out there! Very cold!" Frostman said.

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