'Safer to stay home:' Plow crews deploy as snow emergencies declared in Racine, Kenosha

RACINE/KENOSHA -- Snow emergencies are being declared for the Cities of Racine and Kenosha as areas to the south could see up to ten inches of lake effect snow overnight Friday, Jan. 18.

A snow emergency activates certain parking restrictions to help make it easier for plows to clear the streets.

In Kenosha, the snow emergency means starting midnight Friday to midnight Jan. 21, parking is prohibited on all streets.

Plow crews are working in two shifts with about 40 people working per-shift.

Given the quick accumulation of snow and potential 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts.

Officials with the Kenosha Department of Public Works suggest the public stay home during the weather advisory.

"If you don't have to be down on the roads especially if it's coming down heavy and blowing, it's much safer to stay home. Let our guys go out there and clean the roads up and by Sunday the roads will be looking nice and you can go about your business again," said Dennis Schmunk, Kenosha Department of Public Works.

According to a news release sent out by the City of Racine, their snow emergency also starts at midnight Friday, however it expires by noon on Saturday, Jan. 19. Parking restrictions in Racine differ from Kenosha. CLICK HERE for more information on the parking restrictions in Racine.