'Safe and convenient:' Eligible drivers can now renew license online, per DMV

MADISON -- The Wisconsin Department of Transportation introduced a pilot program that allows drivers to renew their licenses online and skip a trip to the DMV.

Drivers are eligible if they:

    “We are pleased to offer online renewal as an option,” DMV Administrator Kristina Boardman said. “It is a safe, convenient way to conduct an important task, which normally required an in-person visit. We encourage all eligible drivers to complete the license renewal online.”

    The new online renewal program will help the 80,000 people whose licenses expired since the start of the pandemic. And, renewing online is also available to everyone within one year of their renewal date.

    Beginning March 12, DMV offered extensions to licenses that expired during the public health emergency. These extensions will expire July 25, 2020. DMV will continue to offer extensions for anyone age 60 and older to protect their safety during this pandemic.

    Drivers who renew online (wisconsindmv.gov/renewDL) will receive a confirmation email that they can immediately print and use until their new card arrives by mail within 10 days. The $34 renewal fee remains the same.

    The online driver license renewal pilot program will help alleviate the backlog of licenses that expired since the beginning of the pandemic. Most other state DMVs offer a similar online renewal program. When someone renews online, they must renew in person the next time their license expires.