"Sad and scary:" Police seek suspect after attempted sexual assault at Grant Park

SOUTH MILWAUKEE -- South Milwaukee police are investigating a report of an attempted sexual assault that occurred in Grant Park on Tuesday evening, July 12th.

Grant Park

Officials say a 19-year-old woman reported she was walking on the sidewalk -- headed home from the beach just before 9:30 p.m. -- and noticed someone following her. The male suspect apparently waited until the woman was in a dimly lit area -- and then hit the victim from behind. The victim managed to flee from the suspect and flagged down a car.

"It's real sad and scary," Ashley Krutke said.

On hot summer days, crowds flock to the main beach in Grant Park.

"It's the closest thing we have to nature and the park," Fulvia Cespedes said.

Grant Park

The victim in this case was treated for minor injuries.

"Grant Park is a relatively safe park. We do not have a lot of issues in Grant Park," Ann Wellens said.

The suspect is described as being Hispanic, standing 6'2" to 6'4" tall with a heavy build (around 350 lbs.). He was wearing red basketball shorts, a dark T-shirt, had no facial hair, no glasses, no tattoos, and had scabs on both shins.

Grant Park

The victim described the suspect's hairstyle as a "Johnny Bravo" style (short on the sides and longer/curly in the front).

News of this attempted abduction came as a surprise to golfers tee-ing off Wednesday near where it happened.

"It's a pretty active area and I was pretty shocked to hear that it happened," JJ Ligocki said.

Grant Park

Ashley Krutke came to Grant Park with her son Wednesday, and said people will have to be more cautious and avoid walking alone. Mostly, she said she's disappointed.

"I come here at night. That's the time I usually come. Try to come out here and get away from the city," Krutke said.

If you has information about the suspect associated with this crime, you're encouraged to call South Milwaukee police at 414-768-8060.

Grant Park