'Rudolph and the Red-Nosed Reindeer' cast member fires back at critics: 'They must be like Scrooge'

MILWAUKEE -- A "Rudolph and the Red-Nosed Reindeer" cast member has spoken out -- firing back at some Twitter users who had some critical observations to share after the showing on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Corinne Conley voiced the dolly for Sue in the 1964 TV special. She told TMZ she cannot believe the criticism after more than 50 years of this movie being a Christmas tradition for kids and their parents. She insisted that any bullying or negative plot points are happily resolved by the end of the movie. She added, if someone was a bully before watching, they'd learn a valuable lesson by the time the credits roll.

Critics came for "Rudolph" this year, calling out the show for sexism and bullying -- like the scene where Rudolph is forced to cover his red nose just to avoid all of the other reindeer laughing and calling him names.

He eventually saves Christmas thanks to his big red nose. The moral of the story? What makes us different also makes us special.

But right after the movie aired Tuesday  night, Twitter users were quick to pick it apart, saying that certain scenes and the story's lessons are actually pretty disturbing and sad.

Check it out:

Other reactions were actually pretty funny: