Ruben Casarez will stand trial for stabbing at downtown MATC

MILWAUKEE -- Fresh off seeing a psychiatrist, the man accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend at Milwaukee Area Technical College made his way into a Milwaukee County courtroom on Thursday, October 25th. The early September attack nearly left the 24-year-old victim dead.

A doctor's report says Ruben Casarez is sane and can stand trial for the crimes with which he is charged.

Casarez has had very little contact outside of jail. That's because while behind bars, prosecutors say he tried to call his ex-girlfriend more than 20 times. On Thursday, Casarez's lawyer attempted to change that, asking relatives be allowed to visit. Casarez's lawyer said he needed visitation rights because he has had trouble getting clean clothes.

The judge denied the request.

"I am not going to amend that order to allow his visitation with anyone at this point.  I am too concerned with Mr. Casarez's attempt to get messages to the victim," Judge Rebecca Dallet said.

Judge Dallet is allowing Casarez to contact his lawyers. 

The case is now headed for a trial in December. If convicted, Casarez faces more than 100 years in jail.

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