Ronald Jones pleads not guilty in death of 78-year-old Milwaukee woman

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County judge bound over Ronald Jones for trial on Monday, July 15 -- after testimony was heard during a preliminary hearing. Jones then pleaded not guilty to the single charge against him.

Jones, 55, is charged with one count of first degree reckless homicide in the death of 78-year-old Bernice Kadwit. Kadwit died on July 7, 2001 at 57th and Vienna.

For 18 years, Milwaukee police called it a sudden death case. But recently, the Milwaukee Police Department Cold Case Unit used DNA evidence to link the crime to Jones.

"The DNA results came back, and it was determined DNA had been recovered under Mrs. Kadwit's fingernails. That DNA matched to a subject in the database," said Nathan Butz, MPD detective.

Jones is due back in court on the morning of Thursday, July 25.

Ronald Jones