Ron Johnson says he's not firing his D.C. staff

MILWAUKEE -- Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson says a published report that he is about to fire his entire Washington D.C.-based staff is "laughable" and "incredibly false."

An article published Thursday, April 12th in the Washington D.C. insider newspaper "Roll Call," reported multiple unnamed Republican sources said the move was imminent.

CLICK HERE to view the article via "Roll Call's" website.

"It's grossly inaccurate.  It was a hit piece.  It's unfortunate. It seems to be planted by somebody in Republican leadership which is not a good thing, but no, it's laughable.  It's so incredibly false," Johnson said.

Johnson says he is not pondering motives regarding the article's sources, but says the story allows him to show who he is really working for. "Bottom line I guess, what it does prove is that I am certainly an independent voice here for Wisconsin.  I'm not part of the establishment, and I have just been pushing hard," Johnson said.