Romney campaign downplaying debate expectations, supporters excited

WAUKESHA -- As President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney take the stage in the presidential campaign's first debate Wednesday night, October 3rd, supporters of both candidates gathered across the state and nation, awaiting the remarks.

In Waukesha, Romney supporters gathered Wednesday for a debate watch party.

Romney has been practicing his debating tactics for days in advance of the debate, with Ohio Senator Rob Portman.

While Romney's campaign has been downplaying expectations ahead of the debate, the expectations of Republican supporters were high.

Romney seemed to be debated once a week just a few months ago during the primary season.

"He anticipates the President is going to attack him through the entire debate -- be very negative and be very nasty because the President doesn't have a record he wants to discuss. The President's record over the last four years is of higher debt, record deficits and increased unemployment," Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams said.

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