Rodolfo Herrera (10-8-11)

23-year-old Rodolfo Herrera's nickname is Piglet, and the Milwaukee Police Department says on September 26th, 2010, Herrera almost turned a festivity into something fatal. They say Herrera, a member of the Mexican Posse gang, tried to crash a family's celebration on Orchard near 5th Street.

Police say a fight broke out, followed by gunfire. Two people were shot, but survived. Police say Herrera took off before his court date, and they believe he likely fled to California. Herrera has a tattoo of the state on his arm. Investigators say Herrera also has a tattoo of the number one on the back of his left arm, and the number three on the back of his right arm. Together, they make the number 13, which is a number linked to the Mexican Posse gang.

Herrera is described as a hispanic male, about five-foot, eight inches tall, weighing around 180 pounds with noticable green or hazel eyes. Police believe Herrera to be on Milwaukee's south side, or in California.

If you have any information in this case, you're asked to call the U.S. Marshals at 414-297-3707.