Robbery suspects arrested while eating stolen pizza

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police arrested three robbery suspects while the suspects were eating stolen pizza in an alley.

Sgt. Charles Grimm and Officer Jacob Spano responded to an armed robbery call in the 3400 block of N. 38th Street Tuesday night. Witnesses reported that the robbery suspects were wearing white t-shirts and had a black handgun.

While en route to the armed robbery call, Sgt. Charles Grimm spotted the three white t-shirt-clad robbery suspects eating the stolen pizza in an alley. The suspects dropped the pizza and fled the scene once they spotted the police officer. A nearby witness flagged down the police officer and pointed out the residence that the robbery suspects fled to.

All three suspects were arrested and the police officers were able to recover the property taken from the robbery victim, along with the handgun.

The three robbers, two 21-year-old men and a 22-year-old man were taken to jail.