Robbery near campus: Marquette issues safety alert to students as police search for suspects

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police say they have four suspects in custody -- believed to be connected to a recent rash of robberies on or near the Marquette University campus. The problem? Another robbery occurred on Tuesday night, November 4th -- and that has led police to believe their search for suspects isn't over. Now, Marquette University police and Milwaukee police are teaming up to apprehend the person(s) responsible for Tuesday night's robbery.

There have been three armed robberies on or near the Marquette University campus in four days.

"It makes me a little scared to walk home at night honestly," Marquette junior Steven Rebeirl said.

Marquette University issued a safety alert to students following Tuesday night's robbery that occurred just before 8:15 p.m. near 16th and West Kilbourn Avenue.

Police say three suspects approached a Marquette student and demanded property. The victim gave up property and the subjects fled westbound in a dark minivan on West Kilbourn Avenue. Officials say the minivan had plastic covering the passenger window behind the driver's side.

The victim sustained minor physical injuries and declined medical attention.

"It's just kind of scary. People are so...they`re so bold. They're okay to do it right in the middle of the day," Marquette senior Tessa Reynolds said.

"They tend to seek anonymity by using stolen cars to commit these crimes," Milwaukee Police Captain Jason Smith said.

The robberies on or near the Marquette campus have enough similarities that police are investigating them as linked incidents.

One occurred Saturday, November 1st in the 1900 block of West Kilbourn Avenue.

Two days later, a robbery occurred near the 800 block of 18th Street.

"We try to adjust our patrols as well as the Milwaukee police adjust their patrols to respond to these incidents," a Marquette University officer said.

Marquette's Department of Public Safety is working closely with the Milwaukee Police Department to investigate these incidents and to communicate with students.

"They send us a text and an email with the full report every time it happens," Rebeirl said.

The school also offers a limo service that is getting more use. Just this weekend, 8,000 rides were given to Marquette students. The university is also collaborating with the Uber ride sharing service for off-campus rides.

Additionally, school officials are piloting a new app called "Blue Light" which, among other things, connects students directly with the police.

"It's great that they're really concerned about the students and protecting them," Reynolds said.

In the latest incident, the suspect descriptions are as follows:

Suspect 1 is described as a black male, 20-24 years old, weighing approximately 165 pounds, standing 6'0" to 6'3" tall. He has facial hair and braids.

Suspect 2 is described as a black male, 20-21 years old, weighing approximately 175 pounds, standing 6'0" tall.

Suspect 3 is described as a black male in his early 20s, weighing approximately 170 pounds, standing 6'0" tall. He has short hair.

All Marquette students, faculty, staff, guests and visitors are reminded to: