Robbed and run over: New video shows contractor confronting thieve(s) who stole his tools

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police have released new surveillance video after a contractor was run over by a vehicle he was pursuing after tools were stolen from his truck while he was at a job site.

Rob Binter

Police say the theft happened on Monday, February 1st around 8:45 a.m. near 2nd and Bruce.

Suspect(s) entered Rob Binter's vehicle and removed his tools -- before fleeing in a black Nissan Altima.

Rob Binter then pursued the suspect vehicle -- confronting the suspect(s) near 9th and National around 9:00 a.m.

Police say the driver of the Nissan Altima drove forward and struck Binter.

Contractor run over near 9th and National

The Nissan was last seen fleeing the scene westbound on Pierce Street from 9th Street.

Binter was taken to the hospital, where police said he is being treated for serious injuries. Family members told FOX6 News Binter was in the ICU.

On Wednesday, February 3rd, Rob's brother John Binter was in Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood, looking for the person or people who robbed and then ran over his brother.

"You will be found for your cowardly, horrible, heinous act," John Binter said.

John Binter took it upon himself to obtain surveillance video showing the suspect vehicle in this case. FOX6 News showed you that video on Tuesday night.

Suspect vehicle in case involving Rob Binter

"We found absolutely every camera from 2nd and Bruce, to 9th and National," John Binter said.

John Binter says Rob was working at a construction site on Monday morning, February 1st near 2nd and Bruce when he heard an alarm going off on his company's van.

"He looked in the back of his van and noticed a bag of tools was missing," John Binter said.

John Binter says the black sedan sped from the scene with $1,000 worth of tools.

"Those are his tools. That`s his livelihood," John Binter said.

Rob Binter hopped into his van and pursued the suspect vehicle.

"You`re not going to dial 911 and get the cops there fast enough -- so he took it into his hands to see if he could find who did this," Brian Polster, Rob Binter's business partner said.

Surveillance video shows the moments before Rob Binter was able to cut off the suspect near 9th and National. Friends say Binter then got out of his van.

Suspect vehicle in case involving Rob Binter

"That`s where he was struck," John Binter said. "The fact that you could leave somebody lying in the street, face down, bleeding, not knowing whether they`re dead or alive..."

Rob Binter's business partner, John Droude said there is a large network of frustrated friends trying to help out in this case.

"I instantly put a post on Facebook. Since that time, it`s just been me getting texted and called -- 'What`s going on? I just want to do anything I can to help,'" Droude said.

Another of Binter's business partners, Brian Polster, says on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon, they'd be at a job site.

"Instead I`m on the street here trying to ask Milwaukee to look for the guy that hit my business partner," Polster said.

"He has multiple fractures to the right side of his skull. He has a broken upper jaw and a severe concussion," John Binter said.

His family members and friends are hopeful someone will recognize the suspect vehicle and call police.

"It`s a cowardly act and it needs to be dealt with. These people need to come to justice," John Binter said.

John Binter tells FOX6 News the family is offering a cash reward for any information that leads to an arrest in this case.

Police say the suspect vehicle in this case is a black Nissan Altima that will likely have damage to the hood and passenger side of the windshield. It may also be missing the "Nissan" emblem from the front.

The suspect in this case is a male -- with no further description at this time.

Anyone with information in this case is asked to contact police.