Robbed again: Racine bar hit three times in just four weeks

RACINE (WITI) -- FOX6 News has learned a Racine bar has been robbed three times in the past four weeks! Two of the armed robberies have occurred in just the past two days!

Henry Rott lives above and works at Roger's Place in Racine.

"I'm here seven days a week," Rott said.

Rott says lately, the neighborhood bar has had unwanted company.

"The first time was scary. The chances of it happening again within a couple days - no. That's not possible. Three times in a month raises some eyebrows," Rott said.

"Three in a month is definitely alarming to us -- especially two within a matter of days," Racine Police Sergeant Jessie Metoyer said.

The robberies began on March 11th. The second robbery involved a shot being fired, according to police.

"When the suspect entered the bar, he fired off a round into the ceiling and then robbed the place, so obviously, there's a propensity or a potential for this to escalate further in violence," Metoyer said.

In each alleged crime, bar employees cooperated -- surrendering undisclosed amounts of money from the register.

Metoyer says this is the proper protocol.

"I feel like they've done the right thing. They didn't -- there was no confrontation. They did what, you know, the robbers asked them to do and, you know, you can only do so much, so we would just hope that they continue to cooperate and work with us like they've been doing," Metoyer said.

Rott says a shift in security strategy is being discussed.

"Probably need to change a little bit for the safety of everybody," Rott said.

Metoyer says investigators are working to determine whether there is any connection between the three armed robberies. At this point, no link has been discovered.