Road America, 'perfect for social distancing,' hosts race fans: 'It's a good safe thing to do'

ELKHART LAKE -- While many places consider how to host sporting events without fans, that is not that case at Road America in Elkhart Lake. The Sheboygan County summer tradition continued with fans in the stands on Saturday, June 26

"This, we always go to so we were sad when we couldn't go in May, but we're happy we can come now. It's a good safe thing to do," Jodi Miller, who attended a Road America race on Saturday, said.

Pat and Jodi Miller

MotoAmerica is holding round two of the 2020 MotoAmerica series at Road America from June 26-28.

"Being outside, there's a lot of room here, but we're trying to keep our distance," said race-goer Pat Miller. "You can spread out, everybody usually spreads out anyway. The stands for this race aren't usually that full. So, it's great. You have room. If it's crowded, you can get away from people."

Spectators at Road America

The MotoAmerica series is one of the first sporting events the race track has been able to hold in front of an audience since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold.

John Ewert

"Road America is 640 acres. If you think about it, one golf course is 100 acres; we have seven golf courses on the property, so we are perfect for social distancing," John Ewert, communications director for Road America, said.

Fans in attendance on Saturday kept their distance with masks in tow. Many were happy to be out of the house and back at the races.

"Road America and motor fest this weekend has been one of our larger events, but our fans are very cognizant, very accommodating of everybody, they're spreading out," said Ewert.

Road America

For some, the chance to watch racing in person is about more than watching for the sport.

Jim Dykhuis

"All the professional series have been shut down, and so we follow the stuff that's international as well," said Jim Dykhuis. "This was the first one to race without fans about three weeks ago, and a huge worldwide viewership, and it's nice now that still, this is the only race happening worldwide. To be here and be kind of the first fans to watch the motorcycle race is pretty cool."

More races are scheduled for Sunday, June 27 and later in the season. CLICK HERE for ticket information if you would like to attend.